Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

A Very True Friend

What did I say? Was that really the right start? How would I know it? I caught up my face screwed with all the wiped sad-mad matters. I just remembered about the things I chatted with my very true friend, then covered it with “pro-contra damage words”.
            It used to be just the two of us. Me and Aryo, my classmate when we’re university students. We’re in our campus parking lot. It’s getting crowded there.
            “It couldn’t be that way. It means you also want it to be replied. It takes two to tango,” said Aryo.
            “How come? That could be just a bias,” I tried to neglect him.
            “What bias? Everyone agree that way.” He told me.
            Then, Fretz came. He came alone and it’s not usual. We laughed. There’d be a great day with him around us. It’s more cheerful. He laid his hand on Aryo’s shoulder.
            “Hey, what’s on?” asked Fretz.
            “Nothing happened,” replied Aryo.
            “You tell a lie! Just now, you both looked wonder to each other, talked, then laughed,” said Fretz.
            “Yeah, we’re talking to each other that way,” responded me.
            “We’re talking about what occurs around here,” added Aryo.
            “Yeah, it’s about different substances made long polemics and they could be bad precedence in our society,” explained me.
            “Huh-uh, what do you mean?” asked Fretz without letting us answer it.
            The three of us laughed. Prama and Victor lately came. I thought everyone just searched for the figure of someone they admired that much, then they’re “back to the ground” where they stepped to lay their cares to the one they’re finally with. I could walk alone, then got together with someone new at work and social life, or got along with old friends in reunion party.    
            I didn’t know. No body’s telling me about this. The next steps of what I’d done were just playing with their puzzled words that I’d ever said before I met that man. Yeah, whatever! I could encounter then.
I didn’t agree that way, nor neglect it. That strong willingness make me keep believing. Well, let’s hope so!

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