Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Super Bowl Was Not Only A Show, I Felt Its Depth

I thought it’s not just usual Thursday. The sky was very bright. I walked down the bus shelter and turned. I stared outside the window. The bus brought me to Sumantri Brojonegoro, Kuningan. I was stranded in a coffee shop. I met the barista that greeted me politely.
            “What would you like to have? Would you like some coffee?” asked the barista.
            I looked up the menu, listed on the wall. I needed a little time to think about it. Yeah, I picked one or two of them.   
            “Yes, Black Coffee Americano and Spring Roll, please!” replied me.
            “Yeah, please wait a moment! Thank you!” told him.
            “You’re welcome! Sure, I’ll sit around there.” I responded him, with my finger pointed the two-seat table.
            I sat quietly. Not for longer time, the waiter brought my Black Coffee Americano and Spring Roll. It’s a nice place to escape, hide and stay. It’s windy. I could see the traffic view.
            I wished I was hungry to have a super bowl menu. I tried to write ideas. It’s getting difficult. Yeah, super bowl was not only a show. I felt its depth. My head’s a little spinning around. Thinking out of box was versed, getting it inside.   
            Why was it so hard for people to see the box as a potential solution, rather than simply a container that held the thumbtacks? The fact is, this limitation is cross-cultural and is not necessarily an indicator of a lack of creativity (a lot of subjects came up with very creative solutions, they just didn’t leverage the box). Functional fixedness reflects our brain’s attempt to understand the purpose of the resources around us through categorization.
            I was a child in 80-ies. There wasn’t any game play that made me believe about fortune against fear. When Jumping Jacks got its head out of box, it’s surprising me. Our local culture said it’s a little rude toy. But, look! Thinking out of box made local culture crossed its antiquity to creativity. We just had to wait for feedback and get “our head substances” inside after all things needed its serenity. 

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