Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Any Other Interesting Object To Take?

You might have a bad opinion about this. Felt “among those things above” about met someone new to ask information, to talk to only and to know each other after the vacation. I lived with it. Yes, it happened. I was still seventeen aged. I was in Kuta Beach, in school study tour. I met Roy Fahmi, the tour guide.
            “Hello! I saw you all in a little trouble. I could help you to enjoy your vacation here,” greeted Roy Fahmi.
            Four of us stood in silence and looked at each other. I and my friends didn’t know what to say. I thought I just needed to take a picture of any other interesting object.
            “Hi! Well, I guess we’re quite afraid of heights, so we can’t fly with the parachute pulled by boat. We’re also afraid of the wave that floated us on the surfing board. So, what other great things to do beside to sightsee, to swim and to shop? We’ve done those three. We’ve taken a picture of us with expatriates around here. Right now, we want to take some pictures of us four, but it’s quite difficult to take four of us together in one nice picture,” explained me.
            “Yeah, sure. I think I can help you. Where’s the camera?” offered him.
            Four of us gave our cameras. He looked bother of our four cameras. We laughed a lot.
            “Yes, done. There you are,” said him.
            “Thank us. Anyway, may us take a picture of you with your partners at work? It would be nice,” asked me.
            “Yup! Hey, palls … Let’s get pose!” shouted him to his partners at work.
            They got their poses. We took their pictures happily. We never thought they would be this friendly to us.
            “Look! All of you can get your hair in curly styles. It’s cheap to get. Yeah, I guess you’re that afraid you can’t get your straight hair back. What can I explain about this Kuta Beach?” offered him again.
            “Yeah, of course we’re afraid to escape from the hotel we stay to go to Hard Rock Café at night. At least, we’re here. Just tell us about your job as a tour guide! Is it a great job to do?” I asked him carefully.
            “Yup, it’s easy to do because I took tourism college, then finished it in Udayana. Meet many kinds of people here is a great thing to do. Are all of you still in high school? What’s your plan? I think doing this job is recommended for you,” answered him.
            “Yeah, we have passed second year of high school. I haven’t planned anything, but it might be great to continue studying in Bali. There’s UMPTN we have to pass after the very final exam in third year,” told me.
            “Yeah, it’s great! This is a nice place to study outside the campus. The campuses in Bali provide lots of dormitory around. I’ll show you if you still have more time,” said him.
            “That’s too bad, we don’t have that much. A half hour from now, we have to go to the bus, back to hotel. Why don’t you give us your phone number for us to contact?” I asked him.
            “Yeah, sure. Here you are!” responded him.
            He pulled a piece of paper out from his agenda, then divided it into two. He did it faster, wrote his phone number. He gave a half written phone number and his name and a blank half of it to us.
            “Here is my number. Please write four of your phone numbers here!” said him.
            We wrote our phone numbers, then gave it to him. I thought it’s polite enough to ask phone number to someone whom we met at first time, depended on the situation. It’s not a formal situation. We’re in our casual time to spend.
            “Here’s our phone numbers. We’ll call you later,” told me, then gave it to him.
            “Sure, anytime!” responded him.
            “Bye, now!” We said.
            “Bye-bye!” He replied us, then waved his hand and went to his partners at work.
            I lived my campus life, still around town. I ever called him. He told me a lot about his daily work-life. I told him a lot about my daily busy learning in university.
            The object was even clearly figured out into a very big picture, framing nice details of “allowances” and objections. We had our own choices. Suggestions became “optimistic optimizations”. I just had to finish this, then knew everything clearly.   

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