Selasa, 24 Mei 2016

The Next Journey Of My Losing Trace

Again, I saw those buses were reducing their speed. The steps changed to movements. I stepped into the bus. I couldn't look back, changed direction, turned down Kuningan Madya, then ran to the bus that brought me to Semanggi and went to Melawai.

I might not looked back to where I belonged also, stood in the same elevator where I had to go for working. Because I thought it's too late for me to stand in front of a "sweet-blue memory" people's line. Otherwise, it's "too big" for me to stand moderately same height. There ain't no aim, no direction and no clue. I just had to walk on by and work on it to get that back. I wanted to get that back on my own way.

Actually, here are the reasons I liked to stick around inside that elevator. Hopefully, none ever asked more about.

1) I Worked at 3rd Floor
I do-do believe in my strength to move on rather than lucks. Quit and start working in different kind of jobs. I did it many times. I sometimes got myself outside the 2nd one just to breathe much more air before the break time was over.

2) The 17th Floor Was "That Kinda Crush" Ever Happening
I still couldn't realize. That passed five years still put me into "that kinda crush" at different work. I wished he's still there. At the same floor, I met another guy in different company. He's too calm to cure in his media reporting.

3) The 23rd Floor Was The Company I Applied For A Job Three Months Before
I didn't know when I started to be interested in telco infrastructure industry. I just tried to know more. Even never knew there was an office branch.

4) The Sky Was Still Perfect To Stay At The Roof Top Of The Building
Hey, don't say I'm a day dreamer! It's a skyscraper building. No wonder if I felt I could touch the sky.

5) I Could Still Hold A Cup of Coffee in My Right Hand and A Cellphone in My Left Hand
It's really easy to get there to 3rd floor. The next door office employees could press the button of the elevator whenever I held up with them inside. Coffee and cellphone were still in my two hands.

6) I Still Felt His Trace At The Center of The Elevator
How could the trace of him still stick there? I felt my toes got the figure of distance bridged its longing.

7) The Echoes of "Just Say Something More!" Shouted Their Serenity
I won't predict they're shouted to me. Their serenity drifted insanity to awaken, even awareness. 

8) The Ambiance of Loneliness Found Its Losing
I even could find myself got back to office room after went around inside the elevator. It took twenty minutes. I sometimes arrived 7th, 14th, 18th and 23th before went back to 3rd floor.

Tossed and turned, then I went home at 6.15 pm. It's been 15 minutes. I guessed I won't miss my bus home.



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