Selasa, 24 Mei 2016

My Passion For Coffee From The Heart On Everyday Life

I love coffee. It is what drives me. Sometimes it even relieves me and sticks me on a side of the room all alone –Well, I mean it was just me with notebook or just the papers-. It is not just my usual (even casual) habit, in the way I could drink more than two cups of coffee at once. There’s always been like that. The next cup could be the next level of content feelings. OMG! I think the third cup makes me forget about my next teaching aids I should prepare when I was a math teacher. Then, I have to be hurry on a cup of coffee is still in my palm of hand preparing those stuffs.

In my social life, I love to share my passion for coffee. Luckily, the people around me excited about what they are drinking. They mostly like drinking coffee rather than other drinks. They are cheering up what they talk during lunches and coffee breaks. Many kinds of coffee I’d like to drink. Caffe latte, frappucino, mochacino, cappuccino and macchiato. Those are my favourites on a little coffee shop.

It isn’t just something I’m doing in my spare time or as a means to make a living. It is the first start to know more about my passion for coffee. I really involve the taste mixed with my imagination.

All right, I’m just a newbee. The matters for me are just content feelings. But people around at least also define these “sweet and hard/tough” matters :  

1) A perfect world happy hour
2) A complainers coverage
3) A champion to generate hype around
4) A plan B that is all worth it
5) An entirely different pace of “just the world”
6) A feedback e-mail await time
7) An outside life traveling more than just a field trip
8) A balance due to incorporation living and an enlarged fling to figure out what to do next

I think drinking coffee nowadays is also a life style. We couldn’t even reserve “memories behind” place on the same table. It’s all fully reserved. However, that’s one of the coffee effects. Just joy it to the utmost!

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