Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

It Takes Three To Thank-Go! Thank You and Let’s Go Home

Do you realize if there’s another life began as what you did before you entirely got out of your bed? You’re not dreaming. If you asked me, “Let’s play treats or tricks!”, I would refused, “Nope, I don’t want any treat because you’ll bring down the standard of the challenges. I don’t even want any trick because you’ll tell me a lie.” Believe me, this wasn’t about that!
            I made an exception. I never accepted the challenges of any trick, but this was different. This was just a coincidence. I met Rajam, the lecturer assistant. 
            “Everybody here, submit your overview reports to me!” ordered Rajam.
            He wore his classic glasses. It’s cool. Everybody there included me submitted them quickly. That’s our first day of practical lecture in COBOL, the old computer language programming. We’re not sure if we’re good in it.
            “Yeah, hopefully, it’s going to be that easy.” I said it quietly.
            The lecture was understandable. I got the point. The lecturer gave it clearly. There’s no need to ask for more questions.
            Some people said that if you thought it might be your first and last time to get to know someone you liked, so you had to go for him sooner. It takes three to thank-go. Say thank you, then go and walk away. The directions, the instructors and the learners. I might be one of that lucky learners. You knew what? Here we went it with that flow. 
            In the train that brought me home, my eyes met those two classic glassed eyes. Yeah, that lecturer assistant we’d just learned COBOL from. Among the crowded of people, I just wondered why. How fast it happened! That’s the first train –not too long awaited- I took. What happened next to us both?
            “Hello!” opened my mouth that said hello to him without any voice.
            “Hi!” replied him to me by opening his mouth, too without any voice.
            Time’s up! He waved his hand, then turned down in Tebet train station. I waved my hand, too to him. It seemed to be slow motion. Yeah, I finally turned down in Cikini train station. I guessed “that piece” got melted.
            That week just passed. I prepared for my COBOL practice report and new overview report. I was a little late arriving campus. Oopsy! I got my feet covered by sneakers, not formal flat shoes. It’s not matching with my shirt and ankle length skirt, but I thought it’s alright. I knocked the lab’s door. The door was opened. Rajam stood in front of the door.
            “Sorry that I’m late. It takes a little more time to catch the train today,” explained me.      
            “It’s alright. I tolerate it. You’re just five minutes late. Come in!” responded Rajam.
            No other choice. I sat on the front row of the room. I exhaled deeply. Rajam was very cute with his outer. Yeah, it’s getting colder inside the room.   
            I never waited too long for applying job as a personal assistant to director. I just wanted to try it. I didn’t say being a lecturer assistant was easy. He might need to be patient doing his job. So how do you gain satisfaction and meaning from your work? You choose or change careers to something that you love and are passionate about. Or you find purpose and joy in a job that you don’t love. Rajam made it remarkable. He did it that way.

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