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Soft Skills To Be Required, Gentle Accuracy To Be Given Up To That Mr. Right As Written Right Person

This was the article we –I and my college friends- red together from internet. I remembered we had to pick the text book quickly from library. Lately, we’ve tried harder to pick any else text book that adequate our papertask topic. So, we had to search it by browsing. I was with Fretz, Prama and Victor minus Vikki.   
            You need some experiences that support your first job. You'll likely see these "soft skills" popping up in job descriptions, next to demands for technical qualifications. Employment experts agree that tech skills may get you an interview.
            Communication skills. It does mean you have to express yourself well, whether it's writing a coherent memo, persuading others with a presentation or just being able to calmly explain to a team member what you need.
            Teamwork and collaboration. Employers want employees who play well with others -- who can effectively work as part of a team.
            Adaptability. This is especially important for more-seasoned professionals to demonstrate, to counter the (often erroneous) opinion that older workers are too set in their ways.
            Problem solving. Think of specific examples where you solved a tough business problem or participated in the solution.
            Critical observation. You must be able to analyze and interpret data. What story does the data tell? What questions are raised? Are there different ways to interpret the data?
            Conflict resolution. The ability to persuade, negotiate and resolve conflicts is crucial if you plan to move up.
            “Got it?” asked Fretz.
            “Yeah, this is what we call “unintended prize”. Let’s check the point! Communication, checked. Teamwork and collaboration, it depends on … Adaptability, checked. Problem solving, thank’s to Vikki. Critical observation, we would like to give it up to our Victor. Conflict resolution, why should we look that far when there is you, Fretz? I’m kidding you,” I explained them. My point finger was pointing him.
            “Well, conflict resolution. Uh, anyway … where are those “Front-End” articles?” asked him more.
            “Here you are. I get three of them,” answered Prama with printed articles in his right hand.
            “I get one. I think it’s good to be added,” shouted Victor, pointed the computer’s screen.
            “Hey, Khrisma! We get your Mr. Right …” said Fretz a little loudly.
            “He’s not over here. He’s not ready right now and he’s not with me,” I laughed.
            “Yeah, he’s right there. He’s doubtful and he’s with someone else.” told Fretz.
            We laughed together. Everything was clearly explained. It’s a beautiful day. Until the graduation ceremony came, everything has changed its ways. We never promised to get together again. I sometimes missed them that much.
            Our one of lecturers had ever neglected, “To be friends, sometimes no need to solve the problems. Even if the friendship brings cheerful days, the conflict can be resolved.”
            This is how the story begins its ends. The only thing I know is: he’s still not over here. He’s still not ready right now and he’s still not with me.       

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