Senin, 23 Mei 2016

"Clock-Wise" of Called To Be Cool Ringer

What I call the trip, might make me think about my days like going back to "scholar-stuffs". I wake up in the morning, awake, then find "bad hair day" when I stared in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Finished taking a bath, moving to the wardrobe. Another touch is the boyish shirt and preppy pants with the same outer as three days ago. With a casual strolled flat shoes. Ouch, how do I feel that stunning gesture?

At the very least, I have to prepare these things to "mix and match" to be exciting. Only ten minutes to 8 days ahead.

1) Teenage Activities Based
Remember, boots during a scout or camping exercise? Good idea to add this as a "must have". To move outdoors, it is quite cool and comfortable to wear.
2) Mood Tension Based
Coming home rather late, no need to be moody because of it. A little tiring, indeed. Simply by washing your face with foam, face looks bright again. Game Boy or game play on mobile can be a "mood booster" for me.
3) Conformity Based
Cool, huh ... if wearing "mixed formal and casual" just by switching blazer or outer to vest? Certainly. Or stacking the vest with a blazer at the same time? Really. Choose a blazer color that is one or two levels darker than the vest color. My last choice is a classic black blazer.
4) Favorite Books Based
I often bring my favorite books that were in the corner of the room. Those are very cool! Especially at half a working day on Saturday. Can be read while waiting for the bus that took me back home or a brief stop to the mall.
5) Taste of Food Based
Forget the dietary schedule? No serious problems with this. Often feel hungry, so I choose the portion of "super bowl". "Puffy bottom line" that I always look at. So I do not have to worry for eating that much.
6) Office Routine Based
What about flexible office routines? Or "9 to 5" the "strick tight"? Must meet 7-10 times a week? Wearing a sleek shirt with a "formal dress" or dark-colored trousers looks cool. Especially if you bring a "tote bag" or "sling bag".
7) Three Pieces Fitted Out Based
Still leaving a knitting blouse or a classic sweater? If still, it can be worn with a shirt and skirt along the knee or trousers. Cool worn with "v-neck" cuts.
8) "Motives" Based
Isn't rainy season passed? I often wear "flowery dress". Can also be patterned stripes, graphics or tartan boxes. Wearing it with "flat shoes", wedges or pumps look stunning. Personal growth is out. Broaden networking-was obtained.
It looks like I want to say, "Yeah, we're ready for doing those. Let's go for it! Make a bright day!"
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