Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Friends That Money Can Buy Or Contenders That “Goodness” Can’t Sell?

You screw that “chewing gum to blow your mind”! It popped out whenever you get a reminder of a finished updating program. You’re surprised to watch your computer restarts. It will let you think that you’ve also been updated by highlight news today on Flock browser.
            Look! These are two news that make First Draft of The NY Times. One, Hillary Clinton Focuses on Gun Violence in Courting Wisconsin. It’s hilariously hers. Two, Donald Trump Is Bringing Message of Jobs and Trade … That’s how we call it hope. Yeah, I think they’re both contenders. Contenders that “goodness” can’t sell.
            How about the phrase “got friends that money can buy”? I don’t think everyone can tell about their needs, the acceptance. Yeah, you’re now in your “new great huts”. Perhaps, you really want to check one by one of people around who you like or the one even hates you. It doesn’t even a real matter. Take an easy! You’re not public enemy or even enemy of the state.
            These two things had ever been bluntly separated those two relationships –friends or contenders-. Am I now “focusing of one thing to do, then do other thing or multitasking”? I will let myself know about. This is what I read now when I needed to live with “peer pressure” life time.
            I remembered about the script seller. Yeah, I watched opera show when I was a junior high school student. The building that held the opera show didn’t accommodate its theatrical sound system, so the opera management sold the script. My friend said that I was “that smart enough” to buy the script from a handsome script seller.
            “Would you buy the script? It’s not provided in the ticket box. It’s cheap! Just 2.000 for one exemplar,” asked the script seller.
            “Alright, just give me five!” responded me.
            I gave him 10.000 and said thank you. I and my four friends laughed together. Yeah, he’s too handsome for selling the script. We watched the opera show merrily.       
            So, what’s done? It’s a very long time ago. I got my own choice. The process of focus is what you can use for your advantage, get things done and not feel like you’ve rushed through everything. Stop using the multi-task approach and you can alleviate the frenzy it can cause. Carve time out for each task and be ruthless with your focus for greater success now and over the long run.

            Your client attraction assignment is important. To get more done, it’s time to schedule your important tasks in your calendar. Set aside a day for business development, product development and/or client appointments. Then stick to what your calendar says. I promise you’ll be pleased with the results that greater focus provides.

            Oh, come on! A strange voice from radio sings its mezzosopran. It’s a little killing my moody day. 

       Definitely, focus or multitask doesn’t need to kill you. It’s according to your daily basis of job description. So, what’s to buy? What’s to sell? Frienemy? The scripts had changed to improvisations and improvements. Ha-ha, let’s buy it! Let’s sell it!

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