Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

The “E” Part Was Found! How About Going to A Party?

I never heard those words of mouth before. Ones who finally found someone he liked a lot a long time before they met to each other, might be his perfect match. Sadly, I heard that someone who was found had to live her life with her match’s inner circle for that many given time, separated from her match. Who cares?    
            The “E” part was found. Yes, those echoes. Mickey Mouse even squeaked them louder. “Pick the one you love a lot when you really need him! OK, double it! Pick one of those two, the one you love a lot? Or the one you need that much?”
            No-huh! I didn’t want to pick any of them. I preferred to choose to be quiet. Looked around and went away. What to think more? How about going to a party?    
            I met a hearted American man. He’s cool that way without any smart phone in his palm of hands as I always saw around the office building. His hands are folded to each other. I was glad he didn’t realize about those echoes phenomenon.
            It’s 12.24 and I really needed to have lunch. It’s 36 degree of starving escalation. I moved around Kuningan. It’s great to have chili boiled noodles and classic coffee. I chased an empty seat. I sat on two-seat of one table.   
            Ha-ha! I saw that same hearted American man. He’s about 40 years old. He sat exactly at the front of a huge screen. We’re separated by ten tables. He watched that TV show seriously. He said something loudly to another expatriate beside him. It seemed they had known each other. They might be friends. Wow, again I met researchers!
            “It’s a great day to watch TV show. I’m idle today,” told him.
            “Yeah, World Cup is always a trending topic. Let’s enjoy it!” replied his friend.
            “Please welcome Germany! I think I’m going to miss it. I must eat these faster.” I whispered and told my support to Germany football team.
            Yup, they didn’t listened what I said. I didn’t bring those echoes. Thank God! I really wanted to check if I could listen to what they whispered, but I didn’t have much time.    
            Those volatile, unpredictable and complex variable matters of work-life balance made us believe that everything has changed. He looked pretty cool, not really a workaholic. Me myself, I wasn’t really sure if I could be a workaholic doing my job as an insurance marketer. Should we be workaholics when it’s all been said and done? We just had never felt satisfy and it’s enough.    
            Your ex-clients might be a workaholic because they fear losing their job; because they desperately need a distraction from their personal life; or because they’re running away from family complications. Never ask the reason, as it’s none of your business—but do offer an ear to your partners at work. Tell them that if they need someone to talk to, you’d be happy to listen.
            I just guessed what I wanted to do. The time bomb of lunch time limit clicked its tic-tac needles. I’d got to go. Until we meet again, hearted American man!    

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