Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Remembered Waffle, When He Passed This Crossed Heart That Was Full of Harmony

What comes to you when you do not have any idea of ​​wanting something else than a cup of coffee? I'm not thinking seriously about the time when a sandwich is now right in my mouth. I thought about it. It just flashed across this heart of harmony. I just want this waffle.
It's not a thing. At least this is the "full" reason why it happens.
1) Not Really Hungry
I just think again about the "flavor" that remains. Sandwiches lacking. The waffle I chewed was complete.
2) Materials Used Was Never Flattened
If this is composed of wheat flour, eggs, margarine, sugar and raisins, why does the sugar never flake itself into refined sugar as its topping? Yes, let the whole waffle that I chew talk about. 
3) That Heart Lost Its Owner
No one can prepare to have a sense of losing. The waffle I chew was wandering around looking for it.
4) It Passes Only A Minute There, Without Excuse
I did not expect him to be there, in the middle of the afternoon drizzle. I just looked over my shoulder, then he passed. The waffle that I chewed I considered was able to explain it, but it was helpless.
5) The Heart of Its Abstract Entities Were Still Variable
There is no element in it can settle when the second meeting still feels like the first sight. The waffle I chewed just let me find it.
6) No Longer Limited The Ability Of Wants
All the "flavors" that once exist are no longer limited to be able to wish. That "blue" feeling had drifted away. The waffle that I chewed brought him pulled over.
7) Rainfall Has Not Subsided Yet
Window. Beside him I turned. There is only a shadow of myself around. There were ten tables and other coffee shop visitors who were chatting about the weekend. The waffles that I chew are alleviating this cross.
8) Have Not Finished Drinking Coffee
Surely it was not difficult to spend coffee in the "almost" rainy season. But this is the case. This is unusual. The waffle I chewed against the bitterness of the "flavor" leftovers.
It's just the unexplainable emptiness. I finished the last piece of waffle for ten minutes. I sipped the rest of my coffee. I left the coffee shop in dizziness. All I know is that I have to get through this rain.

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